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The Strata

I play Sienna... a street savvy and resourceful merchant who specialises in trading goods on the black market.

Check it out at

All the cool kids are doing it!  And they are loving it.  4.8 stars on Apple Podcasts and almost 500,000 downloads. 

The Birthday Wish Is Wrapped

Such an amazing cast and crew.  thank you to Krista Zumbrink for an amazing script and for ahem.. casting me. :)  The Birthday Wish is a rom/com pilot that is destined for big things.  I can feel it it my bones.  I play Karen the unwelcomed guest at the birthday party.  See all their faces in the pic. Karen just said something rude.  Side note:  Playing the bitch is amazing.

Sketch Show @ Planet Ant..I'm The luckiest girl in the world

They like us!! They really like us!!!  Here's is a exceprt from a review opening weekend!!
"I cannot emphasize enough that the entire ensemble is solid throughout.......... Having said all this, it could easily be argued that Mosley’s turn as Dipsy, the green Teletubby is THE highlight of the entire show.'


No WFH today

Look at that happy face!! Home Studio Dreams!  Everything  was perfect....including the amazing Audio Engineer, Matt @ Radish Creative.  What a fantastic afternoon.


"They pay me for waiting...I throw in the acting for free"

Jimmy Cagney

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